Why Elite Spartans?

At Elite Spartans, we know that everyone has their own goals - so our goal is to help you meet your goals! Whatever your health and fitness goals are - whether you're looking to shed a few pounds, build muscle, or simply tone up - we'll tailor sessions with a combination of techniques that suit any level of physical ability to make sure you meet your goals and don't simply repeat the same routines. Whether you're looking for one-on-one personal training, access to classes or a bootcamp experience, we have something for you

Strength conditioning

Bespoke training built just for you to build strength and muscle mass

Weight loss

You can realize your weight loss goals with Elite Spartans training

Kettlebell specialists

Kettlebells work every muscle in your body for ultimate toning

Zero pound challenge

Want to eat whatever you like over the holidays and not gain a pound? Find out how!

Have a happy holidays!

Hear what our clients have to say

Mark is one of our Elite Spartans, who's seen great success and loves the family experience at Elite Spartans. Hear about his journey in this short video to get a glimpse of what Elite Spartans can do for you! for life

Find out why we're the best

Our clients believe we offer the best one-on-one sessions, classes and boot camps and wanted to be able to tell you why, so we created a video so they could share with you why they're Elite Spartans for life

Train in a way that suits you

We fit to your needs and your schedule

We offer a complete set of training options designed to suit you - whether you want to train on your own, bring a friend (or two!) or join one of our classes.


Personal training offers a one-on-one experience with a dedicated fitness plan

Fitness classes

Join one of our fitness classes to lose weight and tone up with others like you


Are you looking for something more intense? Sign up for the fitness boot camp experience!

Hours of operation

Monday-Friday: 5am-9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am-4pm


3278 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA 95118

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(408) 445-8747
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